Release: The State Of The Union

March 01, 2022


March 1, 2022

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Release: The State Of The Union

Statement from Ginger Sykes Torres, candidate for Arizona’s 1st Congressional District (CD1)

“I applaud President Biden’s state of the union address. The truth is, President Biden is directly responsible for the unification of our allies in Europe and leading the sanctions charge against Putin’s regime. We should continue to do everything we can to support Ukraine and hold Russia accountable. Supporting Democracy in Ukraine is not a partisan issue. 

“Here at home, inflation is hurting Americans across this country and in CD1. This has been a building problem for several years and while our economy was rescued by the Biden Administration last year -- and we have seen historic levels of job growth -- the transitory inflation is causing pains.

“Exacerbating that issue is corporate price gouging, large companies are driving up prices amidst inflation, which hurts small businesses and families. None of this is good for the people of CD1 in the short or long term. I encourage current efforts to curb inflation and ensure that the economy is working for everyone.

“I echo the President’s calls on Congress to send him legislation combating environmental challenges that impact the economy. The President called for cutting energy costs for families, providing investments and tax credits to weatherize homes and businesses to be energy efficient and so much more. This will be a major priority when I serve in the US House. 

“As someone who has been on the front lines of helping to protect our communities and first responders from the ravages of Covid-19, I am hopeful that due to the administration’s efforts we are moving towards endemic vs. pandemic. That being said, we should remain vigilant and do everything necessary to keep our communities safe by continuing to follow the science and not let politics dictate our response to this evolving disease. 

“Our country and the world face many challenges but through strong leadership, we can prevail. In Congress, I will be a leader who works across the aisle to tackle these challenges and I will get common-sense legislation passed that benefits all Arizonans.”